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About the Musician's Advisory Council
Mission Statement:
The MAC is a self-appointed collective of multi-genre representatives whose main purpose is to be a voice for the creative community and represent the needs, concerns, organized ideas and opportunities for local musicians and the industry that supports them.

One of the intentions of the Musician's Advisory Council is to focus on finding a positive growth process that can potentially - over time - begin to move everyone from the musicians to the venue owners to the general public at large toward a more non-polarizing overall perception of not only live music as a whole, but also the musicians who regularly perform live music as a collective constituency. Because the MAC is supposed to be about and for the Memphis musician, we really need your input and feedback. In order to tackle the issues, we want to know specifically what they are from YOUR (the musician) standpoint! We need YOU to also be willing to ACT by providing us with your input and suggestions. After all, this council is designed for YOU, the Memphis Musician!

The MAC is comprised of an executive board as well as a collection of Memphis area musicians and industry supporters. The current members of the executive board are Richard Cushing and Angela Ghoreishi.

Monthly meetings of the Musician's Advisory Council to the Memphis & Shelby County Music Commission are held on the third Monday of each month, from 6-8pm in the Board Room of the Emerge Memphis offices, located at 516 Tennessee Street in downtown Memphis (Ph 312-7700). MAC meetings are a unique forum within our music community that are conceived & moderated by musicians, made up of musicians, & address the specific needs & issues associated with being a working musician within the Memphis Music Community & beyond - with a specific focus on positive, forward motion & solution-oriented goals. This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY for your voice to be heard within the Memphis Music Community - USE IT!

MAC members are self-appointed representatives from multi-genres & industry who have volunteered their time and efforts to:
Advise the Music Commission on the important issues facing the local scene
Help define and implement new ideas and initiatives regarding the proliferation of music business and artistry in Memphis
Create an open forum for all partners in the music industry to have a single location to come together and understand each other’s needs, goals and direction.
Through monthly meetings, the MAC will convene on the important issues facing the local community. The information gathered within will be defined by the council and a regular agenda and meeting format will be kept to insure the validity of the council and its long-term stability. Once legitimate and organized ideas have been formulated, or initiatives / programs set in motion, the council chair will address the commissioner and present their findings at a quarterly board meeting.

In order to keep the issues current and non-exclusive, the MAC will host quarterly open houses for the community at large to articulate their ideas and concerns and create an opportunity for more people to have a voice in the commission’s implementation of the strategic plan initiatives.
The MAC is an essential piece of the Music Commission’s strategy to understand the “who, what and why’s” of the local community and the systems that support it.

The MAC will be the voice of the community to the Music Commission and will be an open forum for all partners related to the Memphis Music scene to have a clearinghouse for ideas, collaboration and concerns.
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