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Frequently Asked Questions
Why was the Musician's Advisory Council (MAC) created?
This MAC advises the Memphis & Shelby County Music Commission (MSCMC) from the musician and grass roots point of view. The MAC is comprised of an executive board as well as a collection of Memphis area musicians and industry supporters.

One of the intentions of the Musician's Advisory Council is to focus on finding a positive growth process that can potentially - over time - begin to move everyone from the musicians to the venue owners to the general public at large toward a more non-polarizing overall perception of not only live music as a whole, but also the musicians who regularly perform live music as a collective constituency. Because the MAC is supposed to be about and for the Memphis musician, we really need your input and feedback. In order to tackle the issues, we want to know specifically what they are from YOUR (the musician) standpoint! We need YOU to also be willing to ACT by providing us with your input and suggestions. After all, this council is designed for YOU, the Memphis Musician!

MAC meetings are a unique forum within our music community that are conceived & moderated by musicians, made up of musicians, & address the specific needs & issues associated with being a working musician within the Memphis Music Community & beyond - with a specific focus on positive, forward motion & solution-oriented goals. This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY for your voice to be heard within the Memphis Music Community - USE IT!!
Who is the leader of the MAC?
The current MAC Chairman is Richard Cushing. For a complete list of board members click here
When does the MAC meet and where?
Monthly meetings of the Musician's Advisory Council to the Memphis & Shelby County Music Commission are held on the third Monday of each month, from 6-8pm in the Board Room of the Emerge Memphis offices, located at 516 Tennessee Street in downtown Memphis (Ph 312-7700).
What is the Memphis & Shelby County Music Commission (MSCMC)?
The Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission (MSCMC) focuses on advocacy for Memphis’ musicians and music industry. The Commission’s key focuses are developing promotional opportunities for independent musicians, industry education and entrepreneurial development. Read more here
What is the course of action to make something happen with the MSCMC?
Grant Applications can be picked up in the Music Commission offices, located at 47 Union Avenue Memphis, TN 38103, or MAC meetings are held the third Monday of each month and your ideas/suggestions can be brought before the MAC at that time.
Who appoints board members to the MSCMC?
There are 11 Board members appointed by the Shelby County Mayor (and approved by the County Commission), and 11 Board members appointed by the Memphis City Mayor (and approved by the Memphis City Council) for a total of 22 Board members.
What is the Memphis Music Foundation?
The Memphis Music Foundation's goal is to establish Memphis as the center of the independent music industry. A non-profit organization, the Foundation focuses on economic development of Memphis' music industry. The Foundation endeavors to attract new capital investment and create jobs for local artists, record labels and all facets of the music industry. Read more here
What is the relation between the Memphis Music Foundation and the MSCMC?
Answer from the MMF:
The best way to explain it is the MSCMC is an advocacy organization. Like the CSCS, ND Radio and Sam Phillips Resource Center, they come up with projects that benefits the local musicians. MSCMC is just a governing body. The MMF is an organization that was created to: (1) raise extra funds for those projects because what we get from the city and county are not enough to see those projects through and (2) also work to improve the economy through building a music industry.
Who is Memphis Tomorrow and how do they affect the MSCMC and Memphis Music Foundation?
Established a partnership with the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission (MSCMC) in 2005. Convened, together with MSCMC, a Music Industry Strategic Planning team. Funded and guided the Strategic Planning initiative. Commissioned an economic impact study of the industry to provide a baseline for measuring progress on the action plan. Seed funded the priorities for action outlined in the Strategic Plan. Established, together with MSCMC, the Memphis Music Foundation (MMF), a 501c3 organization to lead the charge towards industry growth.
Is currently incubating the MMF through financial support, and Memphis Tomorrow staff and board member leadership of the MMF board.
Through the vehicle of MMF, is ensuring the Strategic Plan remains dynamic, that progress is made, and that success is monitored and measured. Specifically the Foundation, with the support of Memphis Tomorrow, is concentrating on five key priorities of the updated Music Industry Strategic Plan. Read more here

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